Imperial Vipers
Thursday 15th July 2004

Imperial Vipers rocked down to Filthy MacNastys with some acoustic versions of their own tunes and also some classics from, among others, The MC5 and The Dead Boys.
A captivated crowd watched Wev's fluid guitar work mix with Ash's powerful vocals to produce some of the rockiest acoustic tunes that you will hear. Highlights were forthcoming single Jewels and a beautiful version of their anthemic tune The Dirt.
The set ended with a stripped down version of Ramblin' Rose, which had people cheering for more.
These boys showed their talent even when stripped to the bare sound of acoustic guitar and vocals.
We hope to see them again soon.

Glen Matlock live & unplugged
20th May 2004
Words by Spizz

Summer rain greets the Filthy faithful that have turned out to see Glen Matlock perform in the back bar at Filthy's (some have suggested it be renamed "The Spizzbar" due to the walls being festooned with Spizz posters). Glen appears onstage on time & sets down his guitars before informing the audience that h 's going to have a 'Jimmy Riddle'. On his return someone comments that The Clash was the best band in the world. Glen doesn't agree another pipes up "Oasis then!" Glen responds with "Spizzenergi in '79 were the best band". Is he serious? Opening with a Rich Kids number 'Burning Sounds' Glen surprises by sounding 'Dylanesque' laced with 'Marriott Cockney' & is warmly received by the 150 or so attending. No fashion statement from the Sex Pistols bass man except bright red shiny shoes. Maybe his feet are in a 'Different World' which is then followed by 'Be Somebody' both songs are capably delivered in a style that is that of someone who sounds like someone but who? 'Be somebody' probably exposes the Beatle Paul McCartney vein that Lydon accused Glen of having. Another Rich Kids hit follows 'Ghosts of Princes in Towers' originally produced by the late & great Mick Ronson. This time one gets a whiff of Graham Parker. Maybe this is the hurdle Glen has yet to get over. He writes awesome choruses equal to anything during the Pistols era but... Crowd pleasers are also coming at you and Glen seems most comfortable with these. 'Stepping Stone' rouses the crowd & some more audience participation goes down well with 'Idiot' which is on the new album 'Open Mind' (on the Peppermint label.) 'God Save The Queen' sounds as great acoustically as it did at the time of release, Glen even ad-libs a bit of 'Grease' into the song slipping in a 'Wella-Wella-Wella'. Another 'Open Mind' track 'Sad Meal for One' chronicles the loneliness of successful people who find themselves shopping for single portion instant meals. 'Ambition' & 'On Something' is then followed by the almighty 'Pretty Vacant' which has everybody singing along as loud as possible. The encore starts with a rockabilly Glen 'The Cavemen' & then a Small Faces Glen returns to perform 'All or Nothing'. Finally the evening ends with 'Whose Side Are You On?' and a thoroughly satisfied crowd goes home. Above all you have to admire Glenıs skill as a performer & writer of great tunes.

Islington Blues Club presents Little George Sueref
Friday 7th May
Words by Danny Sanchez

It was good that this event was not consigned to a Monday night as is usual with Blues music in certain quarters. Considering Rock music hasn't been so huge for a couple of years it's no wonder that people now show an interest in Blues Music once again. When bands like the Stones led the great British Blues/Rock explosion of the 60's they more than paid homage to the likes of Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters & John Lee Hooker. So it seems appropriate that Little George should play to a packed back bar at Filthy's on a Friday night. Now we've all seen Blues bands tread the 12 bar tread mill over two and half hours but I had seen Little George a couple of times before and I was confident this was going to be different. By 8.30 the Guinness was flowing & George and his guitarist were sitting down tuning up. Then without a word of introduction we were entertained with a very good harmonica led track. A quick round of applause & the 2nd track started once again with George taking the lead on the harmonica. Then he took a breath, opened his mouth & began to sing. Music aside the room fell to a near silence as those sweet & soulful tones filled the room. I have witnessed before, the look on peoples faces when George sings. The dropped jaws & wide eyes & tonight it was no different. Half an hour later & we took a 15 min break. Then before we knew it we were back in the swim. Over the next 45 minutes Little George managed to whip the packed back room into a frenzy of sound & delight reminiscent of the sort of music only heard on dusty 45's from Chicago & culminating in the sort of performance which seems only befitting the stuff of folklore & legend. At one point during the show the lights & sound seemed to cut out, just for second & I was filled with thoughts of dodgy electrics. It wasn't until we went outside that we realised there had been a major power cut in the area & the local streets and houses were in darkness. All except Filthy Macnastys of course where the music equipment, bar & tills all managed to stay switched on, it must have been the power of the Blues! Today people talk about the glory days of seeing & hearing the likes of Howlin' Wolf back in the 60's or even how good Robert Johnson was in the 1930's. Likewise I have no doubt that Little George will be regarded as the musical phenomenon that he really is (despite his own humility) and if there is anyone today who plays like he really did meet a strange man at the crossroads then it is George.

Libertines Photographic Exhibition
6th May 2004
Words by Paul Hallam

Thursday 6th May saw the launch of the Libertines Photographic exhibition hosted by friend & semi official photographer Andrew Kendall. The whole event was announced over the internet & within ten minutes all 90 tickets were snapped up with almost 900 other requests to follow. Fans began to drift into the pub from around 6pm & the shooters were going down well especially the aptly named 'Libertine Life Saver' With the crowd in fine spirits word filtered through the busy pub that Pete & Carlos from the band had entered the building & instead of merely signing autographs as was advertised they would in fact be putting on an impromptu performance! Eventually at about ten o'clock the two ex Filthyıs barmen appeared from behind the bar complete with guitars. It was all a far cry from the last time that the duo played at Filthys (last December) where on that occasion they were able to mix freely with the audience & exchange words & have a chat. In 2004 the band has acquired almost Rock Star status & the crowds in the back bar craned their necks & climbed over each other for a chance to be near the pair. The two Libertines took to the stools & launched straight into acoustic renditions of their hits & some album tracks. After 15 minutes Pete asked if it sounded OK. A girl at the back replied "it would be better if we could see you". Seeking a simple solution Mr Doherty asked the crowd to sit down & pretend they were at a love in. In fact he remarked "its like 1967. Hey thatıs great. QPR will win the 3rd division this season". The remainder of the evening went off amazingly successful & smoothly. Highlights of the evening included a press conference, Carlo dancing to a Pete guitar solo. Pete changing the words from Give Peace a Chance to a plea of Give Pete A Chance. One more encore for the road & then a mad scramble as the pair headed off back behind the bar for drinks & a chance to wipe off the sweat. Fellow band members John & Garry both were in the audience as was bands manager Alan McGee. The fans took the opportunity to borrow/acquire the wall of pictures resulting in a bare looking pub & a task for Mr Kendall to put them all back up again. A statement from the band the following day expressed how much they enjoyed the gig & hinted towards playing a series of acoustic sets at Filthy's in the near future Libertines websites have since dubbed this impromptu gig as the best ever from the band who continue to get better and better but still remember their roots.

Hope of the States
March 5th 2004
Words by NME

The Hope of the States made a tentative return to the public eye with a low-key acoustic show last night. The fan-only show at London's Filthy Macnastys saw just singer Sam Herlihy & violinist Mike Siddell perform, although the other members of the band were in attendance. The show was the first time the band had appeared live since the death of guitarist Jimmi Lawrence in January. Attended by just 100 people packed into the tiny venue, the gig was advertised only with a cryptic clue on the band's message board. As well as songs planned for the band's forthcoming debut album (due out this summer), the set also featured a cover of The Beatles' classic 'She Loves You'.

The set ran:
'66 Sleepers To Summer'
'New Song'
'Last Nation Of Eight'
'Seventies Song'
'The Red The White The Black The Blue'
'Louisiana Red (In Memoriam)'
'She Loves You'

22 December 2003
Words by Pete Welsh

Filthy Macnastys made Christmas come early last night when a galaxy of stars convened in the back bar to commemorate the first anniversary of Joe Strummer's untimely death. Far from being a downbeat affair it was a glorious celebration of the great man's life and music. The swelling crowd were warmed up by the likes of Pete-Kill City, John-Black Box Recorder & Louis from Rialto belting out classics like "Somebody Got Murdered", "Brand New Cadillac" & "White Man in Hammersmith Palais". The crowd grew restless as Spizz wowed them with a rendition of "I Fought The Law" before star turn Pete Doherty arrived (late) to the pub where only a few years ago he pulled pints. Well tonight he pulled in the punters with a clutch of Libertines soon-to-be classics along with "Jail Guitar Doors" and "Remote Control", sending the masses into raptures. The organisers of the night insist they'll not be tempted to move next years "Strummered" tribute to a bigger venue and will return to Amwell Street to make this night a Filthy staple.