Sol Young & guest
Sol Young, with his often raw and thought-provoking lyrical style is a difficult target for criticism -- while hsi low-basstone melodies deliver a repetitive solid beat, his "cut like a knife" expression sends an intense fascination to the listener shinning through it. Sol Young is not afraid to be honest, no matter what the consequence or reaction. Driven by his firm belief in human nature (man's own self-destruction aswell as his sense of struggle to reach any level of acheivement) he has taken on the music world with his "anti-pop" and "street-corner" antics driven to abolish the reputation of the love-struck singer-songwriter. PLUS LAST MINUTE NEW....SURPRISE GUEST..I cant say more but its a great opportunity to see him.... From 9pm - Free Admission

Punk Experience with The Scuzzies Live, plus support guests The Rips, plus Punk films footage by John Brett
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Son Of A Gun
SON OF A GUN gives you shiny nights of mod:soul:rock&roll; at the mighty Filthy MacNasty's Whiskey Cafe. Blending live sessions with guest Djs: Son of a Gun arrives armed to the teeth with killer chops from the very best in new music to the finest vintage sounds. Live band tbc

All Aboard the Mudlark
Mudlark Studios presents 50s R'n'B, 60s Psych, 70s Obsurica, 80s Indie plus Electro Grooves SUNDAY 29.10.06 from 6pm FREE ENTRY An evening of quality live music(Artists tbc) and great recorded tunes www.myspace.com/allaboardthemudlark allaboardthemudlark@yahoo.co.uk PLUS MUDLARK DJS MAX HARRIS, DAVID CLEAVER, DR MW BEWICK All Aboard the MudlarkFrom. From 6pm - free admission